FM Records
FM Records is a Soundtrack and Music Library Production Company founded in 2007 and based in Rome.The library, “Multi-Genre”, with its own Recording Studio, a great team, amazing composers and musicians, they all are workinig together for a really high level catalog.
The company is very active in the broadcasting field beside the best Italian TV Production Companies.

Prestige and Power ! Trusted by the largest film studios and game developers (Lord of the Rings, Call of Duty, Transformers) and loved by many major brands (Coca-Cola, Mercedes, Audi, Nike), Audiomachine with its own lush and inspirational live orchestral cues, is your premiere resource for truly epic music.

EAR motions
TV & Film Music Library from Germany.

John Fulford Music
John Fulford Music is a Los Angeles based owner-operated music library specializing in EDM and Hip Hop music. The catalog has been featured in projects such as Breaking Bad, Glee and CSI.

Brilliant Music
Brilliant Music produces original music for film, television and new media.
Founded in 2009 at the legendary Dean Street Studios in the heart of London’s Soho, our aim is to provide world-class music for the world’s media.
We work with the finest composers, producers and sound designers to create music of the highest quality that will bring life and soul to your images.

Big Idea MusicBig Idea Music
Amazing team from USA for a killing music library.

Intermede Music
Intermede is a Canadian Production Music Library with a wide variety of sounds and styles that go from classical music to electro-pop!
Timeless and contemporary great music.

Studio Fontana
Fontana Music Library, with its own unique music and styles, focuses on the World, Traditional and Ethnic music such as Middle Eastern, Asian or Australian folk, all composed and performed by the native authors and musicians.

Fontana Classic Collection
A fabulous collection where the famous Czech artists classics and the great classical symphonies make this library absolutely unique.

Fontana Virtual
Fontana Virtual label presents variety of music styles including especially experimental content.

Focus on new and growing musical genres and always a step ahead in providing the highest quality music.

Sprint Edge
Based on the newest trends in electronic dance music.

TV Club
Focused on production music intended specifically for television, particularly for news, sport and documentaries.

Sparse Music
Sparse, minimalist, simple music for Media

Tuxedo Music
A collection of the best of Classical Music: the greatest masters, top orchestras and high quality recordings

HD Music Now
From Los Angeles, HD Music Now features a wide variety of albums & genres, working with the major studios & networks licensing to Hollywood blockbusters

Adrenalin helps the body react to every emotion and that is exactly what our music does. Listen to one of the albums to get your shot of Adrenalin!

Adrenalin Vocals
Adrenalin Vocals is curated to bring you unsigned artists who should be on the radio, great songs, great voices, with lyrics suitable for media

Amplitude is a new wave in Epic music concentrating mainly on the more emotive side of epic

A-Tension Music
A-Tension Music is a niche library that offers lots mix and style options that give production editors plenty of choice for scoring Reality and scripted TV when they require tension music that is not too dark or heavy.

Crack-Up music
Crack-Up music is all about fun and laughter when looking at the amusing beheviour of humans and animals